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Rocket VPN

Internet Freedom

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Install the free, easy-to-use VPN app for iOS or Android and start browsing the web anonymously today with Rocket VPN.

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Fast Connection

Browse the web and watch video without sacrificing speed

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Reliable Servers

Avoid interruptions and downtime with our industry-leading servers

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Privacy Protection

Encrypt your data and mask your IP to keep your browsing secure and stay safe on public wi-fi

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Content Unblocking

Connect to our virtual locations to access your favorite digital content from all over the world

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Multiple Locations

Free users can always connect to our US server; subscribe for more countries

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Multi Platform

Protect all your devices. Compatible with smartphones or tablets on Android or iOS

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Get Unlimited

Rocket VPN includes a free data allowance that refills monthly. For unlimited surfing and access to all our locations, subscribing to our premium plan is convenient and affordable.

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