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Our apps don't have a million bells and whistles; they're made to do one thing and do it well

App Icon The Cleaner

A free app for Android that will blast unwanted apps and redundant files, clear out your device's storage space, and speed up your Android device.

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App Icon Rocket VPN

Connect to private virtual networks across the globe to encrypt your connection and secure your data while unblocking content.

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App Icon Hexlock

Improve your mobile app security while protecting your privacy with Hexlock, the free, all-in-one customizable app locker and media vault app for Android devices.

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App Icon Battery Time

Make your battery last up to 50% longer with our one-tap boost and get battery life forecasts to let you make smarter decisions.

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App Icon Fastr

The time-saving launcher for all your favorite iOS apps. Create shortcuts to open games, utilities, music, and settings, access favorite websites, open social media apps and more.

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